hello world!

Super excited the shop has launched! Welcome to this little cozy corner!

I can't wait to share more fabulous finds and goods with you all.

It has taken a few years for this to finally come together, can you believe it's the third time I've tried to run a shop?

The first time I intended for The Foxy Finds to be a handmade lingerie shop. While I do still have plans to bring handmade lingerie, it's no longer my entire focus.

The second time, I struggled with creating a functioning store. I was using Wordpress at the time, and the constant plugin upgrades and things breaking just ruined my motivation to keep the shop going. 

This time around with Shopify, it's made things very no-hassle, and I'm thankful to be focusing my attention on sourcing amazing products. It's true, third time's the charm!

Thanks for reading, look forward to connecting with you!


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